Finally I upgraded my camera

Finally I upgraded my camera

Late March came and Covid lockdown had just started here in the UK. I had been considering a camera upgrade for a few months now. Having this time off from work gave me plenty of time to start looking at what camera to get next.

At that time I had a Nikon D5300 with the 18-55mm kit lens, a 35mm f1.8 and the 70-300mm all DX crop sensor. I had been thinking about upgrading for a while but was waiting for the car to be fully paid off. Finally that time came at the end of March so now was the time to get looking.

Owning a Nikon that was obviously my first point of call, but knowing I wasn’t heavily invested in too much equipment and knowing moving from a crop sensor to full frame this was the time to checkout other brands.

My first thought was the Nikon Z6, but recently I was really looking at moving to Canon, and with the announcement of the Canon R5 just around the corner I was sure that was the camera for me. Then the realisation of the price hit me. Buying the camera alone would be fine but I needed lenses aswell, I didn’t want to be stuck with one lens for the next 5 years. So after a lot of consideration I decided to check out the EOS R and the 24-105 f/4 L lens.

Yes on paper this camera was slated, but real world reviews weren’t that bad, yeah it had its limitations but coming from my crop sensor it was a big step up and was reasonably priced to get me into the mirrorless market and the RF lens lineup, also this left room in my budget for 1 more lens. I figured a lens for wildlife would be a good option.

Not wanting to throw 5k at a wildlife lens I looked at the sigma and Tamron options of the 150-600. Reviews looked good for theses lenses so after some thought and knowing a few mates owned the Sigma, I purchased the Sigma 150-600 contemporary.

I ordered all this kit and was very excited. My wife was alittle unhappy with the fact I had not mentioned it and blew quite a few thousand in a time while on lockdown with the potential of losing our jobs. Well this gear kept me occupied in the garden with some bird photography for the next few months.

Yes I wanted the R5 but somethings you just have to build up to, and I do love my EOS R and have no regrets buying this. It was the right camera for the right budget to move systems, and a considerable upgrade from my previous camera.

Check out all of my gear here

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