Lockdown Bird Photography

Lockdown Bird Photography

In this article we will just be looking over my first attempt at some bird photography while stuck in lockdown.

Who’d have thought that the world would come to a standstill like it has, Covid-19 on the tips of everybody’s tongue. As a Landscape photographer lockdown is something that just can’t happen. How am I going to take those landscape photos… well I am not. I for one am following the lockdown rules as it’s not just me at risk but my son who already has lung issues and sleeps hooked up to a CPAP machine on a daily basis, which is worrying enough without the added issue of the current pandemic.

At 3 weeks into the lockdown that itch to get out is unbearable, the furthest I have managed is the back garden. I suppose I am fortunate to even have a back garden, no doubt there is plenty of people that don’t have this option and only have balconies or nothing at all. Hopefully the lockdown won’t last too long I am really missing those nice evening walks with my camera going out to all my local Peak District locations with my photography mates. I would quite happily take those cold 4am sunrise get ups at this moment in time! But that’s not going to happen so I need to think outside the box.

Utilise what’s around

The first thing that came to mind was to utilise the back garden and see what’s flying about. I never really noticed many birds before but after a couple of mornings and evenings sat outside I realised we do get the odd bird pass through the trees in my garden.

Camera to hand with my crop sensor Nikon D5300 fitted with the Nikon DX 700-300mm 4.5-6.3G ED Lens and a cup of coffee I sat in wait. Probably not the best gear for this but that’s what I own till I upgrade once the lockdown has finished, well I plan to at least.

Patience is what’s needed

One thing I realise is you definitely need patience for this, plenty of birds fly past with me wondering when one will actually stop in my trees. But eventually they did… and then flew off before I managed to hit focus.

Plenty of patience later I managed to get these shots of a few Blue Tits and Starlings. There not perfect but for a first attempt I am pretty happy but there is room for improvement.

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